Photo credit: Hunter Brothers

Photo credit: Hunter Brothers


I have a love for making and a passion for materials.

I am dedicated to handmade works that are functional And/or sculptural and have a beautiful simplicity. only in recent years have I discovered a joy in working with clay, wood, and fibers. for me, The beauty lies in the imperfections and in the intimacy of manipulating the material directly with my hands. 

No two pieces I create are Exactly alike.


 Amy Sanders is a visually impaired, Colombian-American artist.  Life experience, culture, and heritage are major influences in her works, particularly as most of her pieces deal with place, identity, and time. Having spent most of her life on a farm, Amy’s art bears influences from her father’s rugged and creative lifestyle. Additionally, her maternal ancestry has provided a cultural perspective from which to create artwork. As her vision slowly deteriorates due to a genetic disorder, Amy uses her art to question, examine, and define her evolving identity.

Amy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Technology, & Culture from the University of Oklahoma and spent the following few months traveling in Europe to visit artist studios and complete an artist residency in Northern Italy.  She currently works out of a studio based in Oklahoma.


I am driven by a desire to generate and contribute work to homes and to society in order to build relationships and affirm identities.  My artwork ranges from digital photography and painting to functional wood, textile, and ceramic pieces, though I primarily focus on ceramics.  While dissimilar in practice, each of these disciplines provides a rich variety of avenues to investigate identity and place. 

An avid maker of objects, I find that many of my creations exist at the intersection where my father’s prolific, outdoor energy meets my mother’s love for sophistication and the home. I am dedicated to handmade, functional objects that have an ability to draw in a viewer and create a moment of connection. Because of increasing amounts of time spent at home and living life more slowly as my vision changes, I have been scrutinizing the objects people choose to have in their proximity.  I seek to create pieces that someone will welcome into their home to become a daily part of their experience. During the creation process, I consider the relationships of these objects to their space, to each other, and to the user.  My functional wares tend to range in aesthetic from natural colors and forms to intricate patterns and textures.

Often interdisciplinary and experimental in nature, much of my work involves intimate hands-on processes- carving, shaping, mark-making, and piecing together.  Much of the work relies on the inherent beauty of the materials used, whether it is clay, wood, or textiles. The pieces I create are part of a dialogue which considers one’s own space in the world and how her identity and place changes over time--whether suddenly or subtly.  The onset of blindness for me in the coming years urges the creation of pieces that touch on the uncertainty we all face, and the hope that even the tiniest bit of kindredness can provide.



Vox Femina Ii, Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale, AR - February 13-March 28

Momentum, OVAC, Gold Dome, OKC

Solo Exhibition, Elemental, OKC - April 1- May 20

*Solo Exhibition, Studio Six, OKC - April 7-May 5


Momentum, Graphite Gallery, OKC

Hidden Messages, Oklahoma Hall of Fame Gaylord Pickens Museum, OKC - Opening Reception September 21, 5-7 PM

12x12 OVAC Fundraiser, 50 Penn Place, OKC - September 29

Featured Artist at The Social Club, Norman, OK- October

Featured Artist at STASH, Norman, OK - November

Gallery Shop Artist, 108Contemporary, Tulsa, OK


ArtNow, Oklahoma Contemporary, OKC

Please Touch the Art, TCC Center for Creativity, Tulsa, OK

12x12, Science Museum of Oklahoma, OKC

Symbiotic, Lightwell, Norman, OK

Red Clay Faction Exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, Norman, OK

Featured Artist at Antique Garden, Norman, OK

Featured Artist at Gray Owl, Norman, OK


Artwork commissioned for 1st CSA Launch event, OVAC, OKC

Instances of Time + Points in Space, Fine Arts Library, Norman, OK

"One Day I'll Fly Away" permanently installed in main square of the village of Brenta, Italy

Featured Artist at The Social Club, Norman, OK

Emerge Capstone Show, Lightwell Gallery

101st School of Art & Art History Student Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art


Featured Artist at Studio Six, Paseo Arts District, OKC

"Sun Lux"  public art sculpture installed in Lion's Park, Norman, OK

Circadian Rhythms, NMC Exhibit, Lightwell Gallery [curated and exhibited]

Arts Arts Arts, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, OKC

Nascent Film Screening, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Momentum presented by Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, OKC


Backyard Spring Outdoor Exhibition, Norman, OK

Backyard Autumn Outdoor Exhibition, Norman, OK


Spectacle, New Media Collective Show, Lightwell Gallery

Lumen Film Screening, I.A.O. Gallery, OKC

Foundations Show, Lightwell Gallery


* Upcoming